What We Do

Broad Capabilities

  • Personal Economic Loss Calculations
  • Commercial Damage Calculation
  • Expert testimony


Types of Engagements

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Labor & Employment Dispute
  • Business Dispute
  • Contract Dispute
  • Class Action
  • Wrongful Death




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Present Value = $


We offer litigation support, financial analysis and expert testimony . We provide independent and objective analyses and opinions employing advanced methodologies and techniques in economics, microeconomics, finance, accounting, and statistics.



Dolan/Xitco forensic accounting analysts and economic damage experts have a broad range of expertise in accounting and economic damages testimony.

Wrongful injury, wrongful death, wrongful life are just some of the types of injury cases our experts have researched and valued.  Professional athletes, television personalities, doctors, lawyers, police officers, students and stay at home mom’s are a sampling of the type of persons represented in matters for which we have been engaged.  Each case is unique and requires detailed research and analysis to arrive at a qualified opinion.

In combining our resources, we identify core issues, research foundational evidence and quantify values in dispute.   Laura Dolan and Heather Xitco have provided forensic accounting services in a number of recent, notable matters involving Fortune 500 companies and leading national law firms including the valuation of Toxic Tort claims.

Dolan/Xitco experts have advised on several labor and employment matters including those involving wage hour claims, discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile environments, glass ceilings, employment practices, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We conduct forensic analysis of complex transactions to help organizations investigate and resolve business issues.

Our attention to detail, independence and objectivity ensures that our analysis of economic loss and damages are meaningful and impartial